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I am James Kyle. Ask me anything.


I use Yarn in most of my projects and at work. What is one thing that you feel still sets yarn apart from npm 5?

(which tbh has taken some inspiration from yarn)

  1. Yarn still performs better than npm in most scenarios.
  2. npm 5 has a lot of bugs at the moment, which I encourage people to go get involved and contribute fixes back to them.
  3. Adding dependencies in npm is still non-deterministic. The lock file is designed to keep things in consistent places once they are there, but they are not placed deterministically to start off with.
  4. Yarn is the better place to experiment with new features like workspaces.

There’s plenty of people who will get angry at me for saying the above things. Do I want Yarn to continue to exist? Yes, of course. I would want it to exist even if I was using npm, for the same reason I want Firefox to continue to exist even though I mostly use Chrome. Same for npm.

There’s a whole bunch of idiots who for some reason want Yarn to cease to exist because npm has addressed a number of the original concerns. That’s such a stupid thing to think I really have no other comment other than to call them idiots.

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