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With Netflix moving to Kotlin, what does that mean for their ongoing contributions to the JavaScript, Observables, and React communities?

We're love the JVM and have a huge amount of Java and Groovy. There's more and more teams using Kotlin, but I actually haven't seen a major shift across the board. We also have a ton of Groovy, which is slowly going to be superseded by Node.js microservices in a lot of cases; but we’ll continue to use Java indefinitely.

I'm thinking the Kotlin/Java stuff won't have an impact on our JavaScript related stuff, aside from our increasing reliance on Node.js. Since Netflix has a culture of freedom to choose technologies, it's often hard for us to make generalized statements. Ruby, Go, Python, Haskell, Scala, Angular1/2/3/4, Ember, Polymer, React, etc we've got the whole spectrum. I love that because I can get exposed to many of them if I want. We sponsored the RxJS v5 rewrite (Matt from Microsoft is the original author) to get it released, and now it's a community effort managed by volunteers outside of Netflix.

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