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I am Jimmy Song. Ask me anything.

Song is a bitcoin developer and venture partner at Blockchain Capital. He has served as a principal architect at blockchain firm Paxos, as well as vice president of engineering at open-source wallet management platform Armory Technologies.

Song also runs a training company called Programming Blockchain, that provides blockchain programming and development training

Ask Jimmy Song about:

  • Bitcoin
  • Developing dApps
  • Future of Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain?
  • Ethereum
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrencies, in general
  • Initial Coin Offering
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What is the best article / book to convert people from the "Bitcoin is Bad, Blockchain is good" phase?

I've been trying to write some of those articles! I'll let you be the judge on that.

I like Saifedean Ammous's "The Bitcoin Standard", which explains everything very well.

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Are there many people adopting your bip 176 into wallets or the bitcoin ecosystem in general since it got merged in dec. 2017? I like the idea especially since lightning network is up and running with similar amounts.

I would love for BIP176 to get more adoption. It's an informational BIP so, nobody is obligated to follow, it's just something wallets can do if they choose to do so. I personally think it's a lot easier to think in terms of bits, but opinions differ.

Lightning transactions definitely change things from a micro-payment perspective. We'll have to watch the space closely to see if that becomes enough of a use case that new vocabulary becomes standard there.

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Jimmy what you think about "Private Blockchain". Projects like Hyperledger, Exonum and so on. A lot of crypto/blockchain enthusiast are very sceptical about this and it's really interesting what you think about it. I can definitely see the scenarios where this kind of Frameworks and Libraries will be suitable.

  • Supply chain
  • Public sector
  • Business network
  • Health records management and so on.

Thanks in advance.

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What's the fairest criticism of bitcoin as a technology right now?

Probably a lot of the bugs in the core code that are very annoying. Endianness choices, OP_CHECKMULTISIG, 4-byte timestamp. The original code wasn't that good.

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What is the biggest 3 threats to bitcoin?

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I'm talking something like Segwit2x.

Hardware breakthrough would be like a 2nm chip fab that can produce ASICs 100x more efficient than current generation ones for much cheaper.

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