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How important do you think documentation is for any library? You seem to have done most of the initial documentation yourself, how do you motivate yourself to do that? I find documentation tedious and boring.

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Software for Humans

In many of my talks, you'll hear me say that the API is the most important part of a codebase. That is true, because it's the most primary part of the UX of the code itself.

When it comes to the project as a whole though, beyond just the codebase, there are many other places were UX opportunities are surfaced, and one of the biggest ones is documentation.

Documentation is incredibly important for doing a handful of things:

  • Communicating with your userbase the expectations and tone of the project
  • Explaining how to use it (e.g. a quickstart) in simple terms
  • Explaining how to get really deep into it (e.g. an advanced section)
  • API reference

As a bonus, it also helps you, as a developer, explain your crazy technical ideas in layman's terms. Sometimes, this may prove to be a difficult task, which may lead you to re-visit the code you are attempting to document.

All of the above things make writing documentation a very important part of writing any library that will have a userbase (which is ideally, all of them), in my opinion. There's tons of motivation there. Why are you writing the code in the first place?

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Previous generation techie

I get it. The API is a simplification of underlying complexity, and the documentation is the bridge.

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