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  • What editor would you recommend to Python developers working on web apps?
  • What kind of work atmosphere do you prefer?
  • What advice would you give to people from other professions shifting to programming career?
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I recommend everyone use Sublime Text. It's really the best editor available for the type of development that I do.

Some people do prefer IDEs, which can be really fantastic tools at times. If so, I highly recommend PyCharm IDE. I have done a significant amount of work with it in the past (including a lot of Requests development!)

I prefer a work atmosphere where I have tons of personal freedom—for me, that means that I work from home, and I don't have a daily standup. Working in an office every day, or even having a remote call at the same time every day with the team really wears me down and gives me a lot of stress. Offices are okay, but I'm just much more efficient (and, more importantly, happy) at home.

My only advice to people wanting to switch from one profession to programming is this: don't try to be a programmer for any reason other than you love it.