Hey dev community, I am in love with VSCode. I have been searching for better dark themes with good contrast between various components.

Share your favorite dark theme in the comments. 👋

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I used Ayu for a very long time but at the end of 2017 I found Level Up Theme Official

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.06.08 AM.png

It's eye friendly at night sessions :-) But it's a bit dark too in bright environments (office at daylight or outside in the park) and may stress your eyes.

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Ayu is indeed a great theme, it also exists for iTerm2. But some grey texts are hard to read sometimes.

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Try the Material Palenight Theme for VS Code. It's very easy on the eyes and looks very neat.

The font in the image is Operator Mono.



I use Hydra theme. Disclaimer: I made that theme for atom and then ported it to vs-code. :D


Here's one I made, it's called Plastic: will-stone.github.io/plastic

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