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I am Marcy Sutton. Ask me anything.


Hey Marcy! thanks for hosting the AMA...

I'm interested in knowing how modern CSS affects accessibility.

With things like flexbox and grid layout, the visual layout can be completely different from the DOM tree and can really mess up with accessibility functions like screen readers.

Do you think as we are going advanced with our layouts, we are making web less accessible?

As far as I know, sadly the answer is yes (right now). I think browsers need to do more work to make flex and grid layouts more accessible by default. For example, if you reverse the order of flex items they will impact the reading order but not the tab order. So a keyboard or screen reader user might be confused about the order of content on a page. There has been some discussion around this recently, and I think Firefox even did the right thing at one point–I'm unsure of the status without doing some testing myself. But here are some links for further information:

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