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I am Marcy Sutton. Ask me anything.


If you had the time to just give one life pro tip, from which everyone here could benefit from what would it be?

Also, how did you get into bike racing? :)

My biggest life pro tip would be to try and engineer your life around what makes you the most happy. For me, that means getting away from the computer and outside into nature in all seasons, particularly for snowboarding and mountain biking (my favorite sports).

I sat in an office from 9-5 Monday-Friday in downtown Seattle for many seasons watching snowy powder days pass me by, and it made me sad every single time, like I was missing out on life. Yet, it was important ground-work for learning how to be an effective front-end developer. Eventually, as I got more senior in my career, I was able to take a remote job and move outside of the city so I no longer had to fight traffic to do my favorite non-work activities. I'm now under an hour's drive to a legendary ski area and countless hiking trails, making my seasonal outdoor dreams much more attainable. That balance helps me be an effective web developer and team member because I come back refreshed and happy that I'm living the best life I can while my health is good.

On bike racing: I got into cyclocross because it looked fun and there was beer involved. I met a rad group of folks who said if I raced singlespeed I could be on their team. I don't race a whole lot since I enjoy being solitary or in small groups a lot more. But bike racing is a fantastic community that I would recommend to anyone.

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