I am Michael Jackson, Thriller, co-author of React Router and creator of unpkg. Ask me anything!

Hey Hashnode community, 👋

I am Michael Jackson. I co-authored React Router in 2014 and started React Training in 2015. I also built unpkg.com along the way.

I will be answering your questions live on Friday, September 27, 11 AM PDT / 18:00 GMT.

Ask me anything.

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What is the roadmap to become a react developer?


Everyone has a different path into coding, so I can't really say there is a roadmap. For React specifically I think the best guides are probably still the official docs.

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Hi Michael,

What does your average day at work look like? Do you even have those days at all?


I do! When I'm not traveling to a conference or workshop somewhere, I work from home in a spare bedroom in my house. When working from home, I try to start by doing something that will get my creativity going like writing in a journal or reading something inspirational. Then it's GitHub, code, email, etc. The usual stuff. One other thing that is really important for me when working from home is to GET OUT of the house. It's easy to spend a whole day just cooped up inside in my pajamas. So I try to do things like take my children to school in the morning or get out for lunch or some exercise.

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Hi Michael!

What's your background? Did you study computer science? Did you work in the industry before creating your own thing? How did you convince yourself that it was the right move?

Thanks 😀


Thanks for the questions :) I graduated from BYU with a degree in Information Systems, which was more of an accounting degree with a little bit of databases, networks, and programming thrown in. I really liked the programming side, so as soon as I graduated I got a job writing code at a company in Utah called Omniture. They were a big web analytics company, later acquired by Adobe. I later moved to the SF bay area where I spent 6 years working in various startups like Path, Twitter, and Luxe. I also applied to Y Combinator and was part of the 2013 summer batch of companies, but our company ran out of money before we shipped. It was a huge learning experience for me, and very humbling.

When I started React Training, I was encouraged by the fact that we had money on day one. It wasn't like some of the other startups where I had worked that were still trying to figure out how to make money. So that was a huge confidence booster. It's hard enough to build the technical side of a startup without having to worry about the business model as well. If the business model is already in place, you can focus on the tech.

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What in React Router or other Open Source projects you maintain/follow could use the most help and why?

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React Native Dev | CTO@SEMI

Thanks! I'll take a look :)

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Is React.js dying?


Nope. React is currently used at every single large tech company I know. I know this because I've personally trained people from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, etc. They are all using it!