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What inspired the creation of ReactTraining ?
I see that you offer courses, expert training and workshops on React, what plans do you have or have in place already to encourage and support underrepresented groups.


React Training started very naturally, with very little planning on my part. In early 2015 I was working in San Francisco at a small startup, and working on React Router with my co-founder Ryan in my spare time on nights and weekends. It was around that time that React really started taking off and we were seeing people from all over come through our GitHub issues and pull requests. One of these people was an engineering manager at Visa, and he asked me if I could stop by for a few days and do a formal training session with his team. And it went so well that we decided we'd like to do it full-time. Ryan and I both quit our jobs and put the word out that we were looking for more customers, and it sort of snowballed from there.

As for our plans to encourage and support underrepresented groups, I'm glad you asked! It's an important topic. We recently announced a diversity and inclusion program that we hope will give the chance for more underrepresented people to attend some of our upcoming workshops.

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This is amazing, thank you for quitting your job to train the future! I'm glad to see you have a Diversity and inclusion program put in place already, thank you for doing this.