I am Michael Jackson, Thriller, co-author of React Router and creator of unpkg. Ask me anything!

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What fun project/tool did you discover recently? Also, is there a tool you use that not a lot of people have heard about, but they should? 😃


One cool new little tool I just discovered this morning is carbon.now.sh. It's handy for posting good-looking snippets of code online w/out having to take a screenshot of your editor. So many times when communicating with other devs, code speaks louder than words 😅

I can't think of very many tools that I use that aren't already fairly popular. My editor is vim. I also use a lot of the standard JS tooling like Prettier and ESLint. Perhaps one tool that I think is underutilized is Rollup, for bundling JavaScript. It's currently mostly used by JS library authors, and not so much for apps. Most people building apps prefer webpack. But I've been using Rollup recently and it works really, really well. And the output is very readable, which I enjoy.