I am Michael Jackson, Thriller, co-author of React Router and creator of unpkg. Ask me anything!

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Hey Michael, thanks for the AMA. I'm really curious to know how you go about designing/making something. What is that process like for you?


That's a great question, Aravind. Thanks for asking :)

I think it depends on what I'm making. When it comes to code, I always try to start with the end API in mind. It's a little counter-intuitive, I think, because I tend to think "well, none of this will even work until I build the backend, so I should do that first". But whenever I go that route, I realize that you never really know what the backend even needs to be until you know the needs of the front-end. So I try to start at the finished product (the final API) and work my way backwards. I hope that makes sense :)

I think this mentality applies in other areas as well. One other thing I like making is music. Sometimes I start with a really cool chord progression on my guitar. But the best songs I've made start with a good melody. You can always figure out the chords later if you have a strong melody.

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