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  1. How do you share your open source project words?. Like how do you get people to know about it.? I tried posting on twitter , reddit, and other platforms but didnt work so well (Yeah maybe my project was not so problem solving...)

  2. How to stick to a plan.? I am getting new new projects idea every couple of days now and really want them to create but not able to kickstart them. how to convince yourself - "that your project idea is not worth it"

  1. When sharing my work, I try to remember to ask myself "how is this going to solve someone else's problem?" or "why would they care about this?". It really is all about communication and trying to put something out there that solves a real problem for someone else. I have spent A LOT of time working on projects that have gone nowhere because there were already decent alternatives available. So if there's something else that already works well enough, just move on. There are greener pastures ahead ๐Ÿ˜„

  2. If you're having a hard time focusing, you're asking the wrong person for advice :) I have ideas all the time that I'd like to work on. One thing that I do often is that if I get a few hours into something and then realize it's just a huge waste of time, I delete all the code before I change my mind. Then I can't go back and pick it up later, because I already decided it wasn't worth my time! ๐Ÿ˜…