I am Mitchell Hashimoto, Founder and CTO of HashiCorp. Ask me anything!

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Vagrant, Terraform, Consul are all amazing! We are big fans of them. :D

I would like to know how you started your entrepreneurial journey and what are some key take aways from running a company that builds things for developers?

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Thank you!

My entrepreneurial journey started very early. I started trying to make some money for myself back in middle/high school by building little programs I'd sell people. I sold a program that did algebra for example. I did some other things.

I don't really know why I did that. My parents took good care of me and provided everything I needed, and I didn't really want for much. But still, I thought money added some tangible success factor to what I was doing and I liked that.

Building tools for developers can be rough. They're highly critical of the work and there can sometimes be an attitude of "I could've done a way better job than you." That's not fun. Further, monetizing developers is difficult because of similar attitudes: why pay for something you can build yourself? To be fair, I've been like this in the past too, I think it's natural.

But, that's being quite critical. Developers are also great because in open source they're much more willing and able to contribute! They are patient early adopters because they understand that software has bugs. Etc.