I am Mitchell Hashimoto, Founder and CTO of HashiCorp. Ask me anything!

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How do you take notes? I saw a notebook on your table in Twitter ;), and wonder if you use some techniques for planning and notetaking. twitter.com/mitchellh/status/10776948079196..

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Yes! I write on pen and paper a lot. I've been known for my entire professional life to carry a moleskine with me at all times. This year, I switched to a 2018 iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I use Good Notes. I still "hand-write" all my notes but do it on the iPad instead. So far so good I'm in love with it.

In terms of the note structures themselves: each page (I use front/back and left/right) has a title and I just use bullet points and arrows and so on to collect thoughts.

I also preserve my notebooks. I still have the original moleskine where I sketched out Vagrant, Packer, Consul, Terraform, and others! This was back in 2009 or so.