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I am Muneeb Ali. Ask me anything.

Muneeb Ali is the Co-founder of Blockstack, a new internet for decentralized apps. Muneeb received his PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University specializing in distributed systems.

Ask Muneeb Ali about:

  • Developing apps with Blockstack
  • The Future of Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrencies, in general
  • Blockchain ID
  • and other similar topics
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What's your general opinion about the Blockchain dapps ecosystem today? Where do you think we can improve? Where should developers innovate?

I think we're generally in the infrastructure phase (or at best nearing the end of the infrastructure phase). Dapps have a hard time scaling on some of the current platforms and the developer tools are a bit clunky (but getting better).

Dapps needs to give similar/better UX and reliability to as the centralized apps.

At Blockstack, we've done hardcore R&D work on the core infrastructure and have provided easy-to-use developer tools. We're constantly iterating over our developer tools and helping developers to onboard more users. Giving feedback on those developer tools is probably the most useful thing to us right now.

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Hey Muneeb 👋How does Blockstack dev ecosystem look now today? What steps are you taking to attract more developers to build dapps on Blockstack?

We have over 50 apps listed on Blockstack now:

Our main focus these days is the App Mining program:

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Hi Muneeb, thanks for this AMA, I'm a student and at the same time a nodejs developer, I would like if i could get a remote internship position at blockstack either free or paid, so far I'm going to work with experienced developers and brush up my skills. Thanks.

Thanks for your interest! Blockstack has an open-source community and anyone can join and contribute. I'd recommend that you (a) join our open Slack (link on and (b) check out opportunities to contribute/learn on GitHub (there are issues that are marked as "help-wanted").

Hope that helps!

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Hi Muneeb, thanks for the AMA!

When do you think we'll be able to use cryptocurrencies the same way we use FIAT today?

If by "same" you mean as frequently as fiat, I'd say we're probably years if not decades away. There might be other new ways that cryptocurrencies get used e.g., machine-to-machine payments; it's possible that such new ways gain wider adoption first.

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Thanks for the AMA! What categories of Dapps do you think will drive the greatest growth for Blockstack in the short term (e.g., crowdfunding, social, gaming, productivity...)?

Is Blockstack focusing on supporting certain types of Dapps? If so, how? And any support beyond funding from the Signature Fund?

Cheers, M

It's very hard to say.

Our approach is to lower the friction to building/publishing apps and allow as much room for experimentation as possible.

We'd rather let real experiments/apps decide what categories end up getting traction.

The current list of Signature Fund investments are online here:

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