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What’s your average workday like?

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Blockchain engineer. Founder & CEO of Schelling

I answered it below so I'll copy and paste here:

I used to be a more scheduled person, but I always dreaded following a schedule so I changed my lifestyle quite a bit over the past few years. Now my days are very free-form, and I focus on the 1-3 things that is most important to do that day. And I usually decide these things the night before or morning of.

So typically, my morning routine is that I wake up early and eat a small snack and then go workout. After that, I start my day and I focus on getting the 1-3 most important tasks that I want to get done that day. I am a morning person so I usually like to get my important work done before lunch, and then I take any necessary calls and other interactions after lunch.

I like most of my days to have long blocks of time to think, create and do. I usually just schedule all my in-person meeting on 1 or 2 days of the week, so that I can have the remaining days with more uninterrupted time.

It might seem like I am cranking 24/7, but I am not. In fact, I take very frequent brakes to stretch, go for a walk, eat a snack, day-dream, check what's happening on Twitter, etc. This is how I manage to not burn out -- by letting my mind rest in between short bursts periods of work.