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How did you get into Google? Please share the experience. :)

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Developer Advocate @ Google

I was freelancing and working at a big enterprise company helping them build a design system. At one point I came across a talk by Eric Bidelman where he explained Web Components and it just seems like a perfect fit for what we were building. This was still really early days, so no browsers had actually implemented the specs yet. At the time I was doing a personal blogging challenge, trying to write a blog post every single day for 60 days. I started reading the specs (really my first time ever doing that) and trying to explain them in my own words. I also started hanging out on the (now defunct) Polymer IRC channel and chatting with the team.

Eventually Eric asked if I wanted to grab lunch with them, and after that they invited me to attend the Chrome Dev Summit. At CDS I met a few other folks and they asked me to submit my resume to see about an interview. I kind of assumed that there was no way I'd actually make it through the interview, but I took it as a fun chance to go see the campus and at least say "Hey I interviewed at Google once :P"

During the interview I met with Paul Kinlan, Paul Irish (omg!), Seth Ladd (then of the Dart team), and a few other folks. It was really cool (and a bit intimidating) getting to meet all of these folks I followed on social media. We did the classic white boarding coding thing, which went surprisingly well, and we also talked a lot about my vision for developer relations and how we could improve it. I thought it was a really fun day of interesting conversations. And a few weeks later I got the offer :)