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I am Scott Hanselman. Ask me anything.

Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has three podcasts, The HanselMinutes Podcast for tech talk, This Developer's Life, and Ratchet and The Geek for pop culture and tech media. He's written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.

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Hi Scott, What's the best thing about working at Microsoft in 2018? The company has seen a lot of changes in the way they handle open source lately.

Is it the good time to work for Microsoft for an open source enthusiast?

I came here 10 years ago specifically to open source as much as I could. While the first 7 or 8 years were difficult, recently it's become extremely easy to open source things at Microsoft. I would even say that things are now "open by default," which is huge compared to closed by default. We have people who used Macs as their main machine full time, as well as people who work exclusively in Linux. It's definitely a good time for open source in Microsoft.

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HI Scott! First of all, I am a huge fan of you, thanks for helping me in ways you directly don't know!

I have a simple question: how's your workflow? I mean, you blog, program, postcast, do talks, work at Microsoft, work with open source, and still have time for family and children. How can this be even possible? :) How you make your days so productive?

I schedule a lot of things, including time for blog posts. we take time to schedule our days for meetings, so it makes sense to schedule time to blog or code. There's time on my calendar for this AMA, just as there's "delete email" after this. ;) I also try to multitask when possible, so I do email while on the treadmill, or do coding projects with my kids. Google "hanselman productivity" for my full videos on this topic.

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What are the 3 qualities of a good programmer, according to you?

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Hi Scott, Thanks for the AMA. I am an avid follower of your work.

Do you think web development is going to vanish in the coming years? 😃

Absolutely not, I have always said that the open web will win. I think with the new discussion of PWAs being built into Windows and the rise of Electron, we'll see that the web is - and will be - stronger than ever.

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😊What's the best advice you would give to a 20 years old Scott Hanselman?

It'll be fine. Relax. Be more flexible. Shut up.

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