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HI Scott! First of all, I am a huge fan of you, thanks for helping me in ways you directly don't know!

I have a simple question: how's your workflow? I mean, you blog, program, postcast, do talks, work at Microsoft, work with open source, and still have time for family and children. How can this be even possible? :) How you make your days so productive?

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Open Source .NET/ASP.NET/C#/F#

I schedule a lot of things, including time for blog posts. we take time to schedule our days for meetings, so it makes sense to schedule time to blog or code. There's time on my calendar for this AMA, just as there's "delete email" after this. ;) I also try to multitask when possible, so I do email while on the treadmill, or do coding projects with my kids. Google "hanselman productivity" for my full videos on this topic.