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I am Sean Larkin. Ask me anything.

Sean is the Technical Program Manager at Microsoft for Microsoft Edge. He is also a member of the Webpack core team, Angular team and Angular-CLI core team. You can find him giving talks on JavaScript, DAMP programming, AngularJS, and Webpack.

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Hi Sean sir, I have been in web development for a ~1 year and I build things using angular mostly. My question is how do I judge my work? Like there is no "supervisor" kind of person where I work, I just learn stuff and build things as per requirements. Applications work as they are expected to but I am not sure how to verify if I am doing things "the right way" or The app I built is as good as I think it is😛 . Thanks for your time!

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Thanks! I'll do my best.👍

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Thanks for the Hashnode AMA. What does your team look like at Microsoft and how is your day-to-day work at the office?

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What's the best advice you would give to a programmer getting started with frontend development in 2017?

Learn JavaScript Learn the history of JS Module Systems Learn history of build tools Learn JavaScript Try Functional Programming (Learn you a Haskell is my favorite Tutorial) Apply what you learn to JavaScript Figure out what you love most about FE Dev, and pursuit those skills.

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What's the best way to get started with Webpack?

Awesome question!

I would say start by checking out our new documentation!!!! ( We have a getting started section and a concepts section that are great for beginners.

I also released which has 2 free learning courses that mirror these concepts and documentation.

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How do you manage your to-do list in term of tools, process, etc?

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