I am Suz Hinton. Ask me anything.

Suz Hinton (aka noopkat) is a popular open source coder and speaker from Microsoft. She has been coding LIVE on Twitch for over 2 years now. She's a regular contributor to the open source Node.js electronics scene, and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nerdiverse. Grab this opportunity to ask her anything programming.

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  • Node.js electronics
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Hello! 👋🏻

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful and interesting questions. I hope I answered them well and look forward to continuing the discussions here on Hashnode.

I hope you have a wonderful week 💙

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Which tools do you use for programming? What's your default system configuration? 🤔

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Node hardware developer, web + cloud enthusiast, and accessibility advocate

I'm going to cheat and link you to this interview I did on Uses This, as I'd just be copy + pasting anyway ;)


I have a pretty minimal tool setup in all honesty. In most personal projects I don't even use linters or formatters. I like just using my terminal and coding things without too many automated processes or plugins. It's less maintenance and less issues if I'm jumping on a random computer or pairing with someone else.

Default system config - this is a little ambiguous to me so follow up if you didn't find the answer to that in the interview :D

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Hi Suz, thank you a lot for doing this AMA~!

What's the coolest thing about working for Microsoft? Do you have a fancy office? Special snack time?

What is your (and your colleagues') take on opensource tools, which are in direct competition with MS products? Stuff, like Linux distros, Redox, LibreOffice, MariaDB, etc. Do you embrace them, take ideas from them and use them alternatively sometimes, or are they completely banned?

What is the single most important thing in the world of IoT development you are missing? How do you think the situation could be remedied?

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Software Engineer & Mentor

Thank you for taking the time to write such an extensive insight :)

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Hey Suz, thanks for doing the AMA - I'm also a big fan of your twitch stream!

You mentioned in a stream recently that you used to be a front-end dev. How did you get from there to Node.js electronics programming? And do you have any tips for someone who's looking to take their JavaScript knowledge outside of the browser and into the IoT?

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Thanks for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate it! I've just had a look at Nodebots and it looks great. I need to brush up on my hardware knowledge but I'm excited to get started.

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What's your advice for women getting started with tech in 2018? 👩‍💻

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Node hardware developer, web + cloud enthusiast, and accessibility advocate

Hi Donna,

This is a really big question! But I'll focus on the networking side mostly, as my advice on learning coding / technical topics tends to be the same for everyone.

  1. Finding other women to talk to for support, mentoring and advice is really helpful. This can be both IRL and online communities. Start with local meetups if you have the time, to connect with others.

  2. Learn to quickly pick up on when people are treating you differently because of your gender, so you can seek advice on how to stop these scenarios. This will come with experience.

  3. Find a sponsor at every company you work for. Sponsors are more important than mentors alone for underrepresented folks in tech, because they help directly with career advancement and can help fight battles for you. A sponsor should be someone influential within the company or someone more senior than you who can help bubble up your achievements and also put you up for opportunities they hear about before you do.

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What terminal Config do you use?

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Node hardware developer, web + cloud enthusiast, and accessibility advocate

Hi! Great q.

  1. I use iTerm2 and bash on macOS, ConEmu on Windows with WSL bash
  2. Dracula colour theme
  3. I use a block cursor
  4. Infinite scrollback
  5. tmux for panel splits
  6. Inconsolata font
  7. my dotfiles are here: https://github.com/noopkat/dotfiles