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Node.js + electronics β€” what's the status in 2018? Is it an interesting field to pursue?

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Hi Linda!

With WebUSB on the way, I think what we're going to see a lot more JavaScript and hardware in browsers rather than just within a NodeJS context which is really exciting.

NodeJS is still a highly relevant context for IoT in particular - there are a lot of IoT libraries for things like MQTT, streaming analysis etc. What I think we're going to see more of is Linux based devices on 'the edge' - that is, a slightly higher powered device acting as the gateway for on-site devices. This gateway can run NodeJS 'modules' to aggregate data, implement threshold gates, and perform general processing on data before the multi-device telemetry is sent to the cloud. This edge device can also handle challenges such as offline scenarios. The asynchronous nature of JavaScript and NodeJS can lend itself very well to these scenarios of telemetry events.