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Hi Suz. Thank you so much for doing AMA. I've been watching your streams for some time and I got very interested into Nodebots, IoT and other JS stuff.

I have some general questions, as well as questions about getting started. This could be longer, but I hope you don't mind. :)

Before watching your stream I didn't know JS was that powerful. I was surprised that you can program boards, IoT and such things using JS.

So the first question - [1] how do you like JS for programming boards and IoT stuff, and is there some features you're missing in JS, that would make the development process easier?

[2] Have you ever considered (or tried) using TypeScript? Would it be possible to run project such as Avrgirl using TS?

I'm looking to start playing with boards, and so. [3] Do you have recommendations for resources to get started with JavaScript and boards..? I know some basic JS stuff but nothing when it comes down to boards and electronics. [4] Also, can you recommend any kit to get started?

Last, but not least.. :D You're streaming and recording videos for some time now. And you're very successful doing that! :) [5] Do you have any recommendations for newcomers, who want to start live coding and streaming/recording? Is there something that you would've loved to know before you started doing so?

Once again, thank you so much for everything!

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Thank you so much for such awesome and detailed answer! I really appreciate your time and effort! I'm planning to get me some kits and learn how to work with boards and JS, so this is very helpful. If everything goes well and I get better Internet, I'll start recording/streaming too. :D