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Hey Suz, thanks for doing the AMA - I'm also a big fan of your twitch stream!

You mentioned in a stream recently that you used to be a front-end dev. How did you get from there to Node.js electronics programming? And do you have any tips for someone who's looking to take their JavaScript knowledge outside of the browser and into the IoT?

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Hi Rhian, thanks for being a fan of my stream! It's great to have you hanging out on Sundays.

I fell into front-end development when I was a teenager, but before that I was running POKE register commands on my Commodore 64. The low level side of computers always appealed to me, so hardware has been a side hobby since I was a child. Front-end development is something I loved doing, really excelled at skill-wise, and didn't require a degree for in order to land a job.

The NodeJS hardware programming happened because I was using Flash Communication Server + proxying my serial ports to a localhost in order to create a web interface for my Arduino boards. This was a lot of work, and did not produce very secure or accessible interfaces. When NodeJS came along, there were some serial libraries written by others that helped me offboard from Flash and into the future of web technology + hardware!

I'd recommend connecting with the Nodebots community and reading the resources there to get started! http://nodebots.io/

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Thanks for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate it! I've just had a look at Nodebots and it looks great. I need to brush up on my hardware knowledge but I'm excited to get started.