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What's your advice for women getting started with tech in 2018? πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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Hi Donna,

This is a really big question! But I'll focus on the networking side mostly, as my advice on learning coding / technical topics tends to be the same for everyone.

  1. Finding other women to talk to for support, mentoring and advice is really helpful. This can be both IRL and online communities. Start with local meetups if you have the time, to connect with others.

  2. Learn to quickly pick up on when people are treating you differently because of your gender, so you can seek advice on how to stop these scenarios. This will come with experience.

  3. Find a sponsor at every company you work for. Sponsors are more important than mentors alone for underrepresented folks in tech, because they help directly with career advancement and can help fight battles for you. A sponsor should be someone influential within the company or someone more senior than you who can help bubble up your achievements and also put you up for opportunities they hear about before you do.