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Hello Suz Hinton! I’m new to your streams but I find the content fun. I have a couple questions in regard to your streams. When did you start streaming and was there any mental hurdles to get over before you started streaming?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

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Hi Jon!

Thanks for reaching out with your questions about streaming and I'm glad you enjoy my content!

I started streaming just over 18 months ago, in summer 2016.

There were some mental hurdles in getting started with my stream. I'll reference my Medium post in this answer: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/lessons-from-my-first-year-of-live-coding-on-twitch-41a32e2f41c1

The main issue I had was that I felt like there was nowhere for me to hide, and it scared me. I thought, "everyone is going to think my code is bad, and that I’m a bad developer". I was worried folks would see my biggest weaknesses as a programmer and I'd become 'unhire-able' overnight.

Because of that, I rehearsed the first four streams the night before each one. That quickly ended up being too time consuming, and I felt I was being truly authentic with my viewers so I stopped doing that.

The first stream is the hardest one. Hitting 'Start Streaming' in OBS was terrifying the first few times. I do a lot of public speaking but this was just something else entirely.

My confidence and skills as a programmer have improved a lot since I started streaming. That's been worth the effort in swallowing the initial fears.