I am Taylor Otwell. Ask me anything.

25 March 2016, 6:00 pmAsk Question

Taylor Otwell is the creator of Laravel PHP framework. He also created Lumen, Forge, and Envoyer. Shoot any questions you want Taylor to answer!

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Best perk(s) of being kinda famous?

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Creator of Laravel

I actually live in a fairly small town in a state that does not have a large PHP scene (Arkansas). So, i don't experience any aspects of "nerd fame" on a regular basis.

But, the best perk is by far just having a large audience of followers on Twitter. It's of course very nice to be able to launch an idea to 40,000 interested followers without having to pay for advertising, etc. I am very thankful for that.

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The next versions of Laravel will support the macaddress and inet datatypes from Postgres?

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Creator of Laravel

Possibly. I will consider any pull request that is submitted.

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What are the big picture things that drive you? Trying to make a better world, just putting food on the table, for the love of the code, that sort of thing?

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Creator of Laravel

I love building products that help people and scratch my own itch. I love taking something really annoying and just making it super simple and easy to use. And, of course, I like providing for my family so that drives me.

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Hi Taylor.

What about future of Laravel ? can we use hack language ?

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Creator of Laravel

Laravel should work fine on the Hack language. Regarding the future, I will just continue to listen to the community and try to keep making everyone's lives easier :)

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Hi, Taylor.

Would like to know, is there any ideas about creating some chunked responses from backend to front like it's in Play framework? Basically allowing serve data as soon as possible for a user without waiting for all functions to finish.

P.S. Yes, there are solutions do it from a front end and request chunks from there, however, I'm just curious if in laravel plans is something like that as it's in PlayFramework.

Reference: https://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.4.2/JavaStream#Chunked-responses

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Creator of Laravel

I think you can do this using Response::stream.

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Is there a reason queued jobs serialise php? as this stops it being language agnostic.

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Creator of Laravel

This could be something that is improved in future Laravel versions.

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Can you talk (type?) a little about starting your business? Was it a lot of late nights at first while you worked a "real job?" When did you finally take the plunge and go off on your own?

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Creator of Laravel

Yes when I was still working for someone else I would routinely stay up until 1am... probably about 4 nights a week. I eventually went part time at my job and then eventually full-time on Laravel so it was a slow transition that allowed me to get used to working full-time on my own before diving all in.

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Hi Taylor. Do you have an idea to support continuous integration may be as a Envoyer service. something like PHPCI integration?

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Creator of Laravel

I typically suggest people add a hook on the end of their CI service to call their Envoyer deployment URL.

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Besides laravel are there any other language/framework u like/recommend?

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Creator of Laravel

I enjoy using JavaScript but haven't tried any of the full-stack JS web frameworks. I of course think Rails is pretty cool.

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Alright, thanks for bringing your thought to us and your way of thinking.. As a new tools

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I read that you're using Trello and Wunderlist to organize your project. I created a SaaS called Workstack (workstack.io) built with Laravel 5.2 that I hope you'd like to try. If you want, consider a free lifetime subscription already yours! :) Since I used the latest version of Laravel and Cashier, how difficult do you think it will be for me to use Spark on it, on a scale from 1 to 10? I'm crossing my fingers really hard in the wait for the magic moment of the Spark release! :)

Thanks again for all your hard work and never stop to amaze us with great tools like Envoyer, Forge and Spark!

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What is the best way to star refactoring and how do you think when you have to take this duty on you?

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Creator of Laravel

I just tend to focus on one piece at a time and not get too lost in the forrest so to speak. That makes it more manageable.

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Thanks for doing this, Taylor. What's your thoughts on Statamic 2 CMS and using Laravel for flat files?

...and how can I become more zonda?

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What practises developers tend to do that make reviewing Pull Requests harder on you? I'm not asking about coding practises only, I mean in general.

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Any advice you have for someone who wants to contribute to any of your open source projects? (particularly Laravel)

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Do you sometimes feel you are building tools but don't have actually enough time to play with them ?

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Would you consider switching laravel to golang rather than php?

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Hey Taylor, thanks for awesome job done with Laravel/Lumen. Can you tell us what will be next big thing in Laravel ? And will Laravel be refactored to use PHP7 strict mode? Thanks for answer!

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Thank you very much for bringing Laravel to PHP world. I had really enjoyed reading your book From Apprentice To Artisan with Laravel 4.

Any plans with Laravel 5 or 6. Love the way you approach the things in the book. Thanks once again.