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Hi Taylor, What did you do before you create Laravel and how did it lead to creating it ?

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Before I created Laravel I worked for a large corporation writing .NET and COBOL. I use both .NET WinForms and ASP.NET MVC. I knew I wanted to eventually start my own business and hosting .NET wasn't very simple at the time. I knew PHP was simple to host and I wanted some of the features I had used in .NET MVC in a PHP framework, especially automatic dependency injection via Reflection.

My first PHP open source project was actually a reflection based IoC container I released for CodeIgniter in 2010. AFAIK, this was the first reflection based container in PHP. Then I wrote Laravel after being unable to cleanly extend CodeIgniter to support this kind of dependency injection.

But, ultimately, the goal was simply to have a platform to quickly launch my own business and help others do the same.