I am Taylor Otwell. Ask me anything.

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Hi Taylor, thank you for your time.

I have a couple of questions here, hope that you can answer it.

  • What do you use to develop Laravel? Are you still using Sublime Text? If so, can you share your plugins/template/configuration?

  • What is the next awesome feature that you're going to implement in Laravel?

  • What do you think of AdonisJS http://adonisjs.com/ (NodeJS Framework inspired by Laravel)?

  • With what you gain from Envoyer and Forge did you work full time on Laravel?

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  • I use Sublime Text to do all of my PHP development. The only plug-in I use is SublimeLinter for PHP syntax errors.
  • For Laravel, I'm always just trying to think of ways to get rid of boilerplate code and make things easier. Many of those ideas have been built into Spark since they wouldn't really be acceptable in a generic full-stack framework. Spark allows me to be more opinionated than I could be in the Laravel framework itself.
  • I think Adonis looks cool!
  • Yes, I work full-time on Laravel and am fully supported by revenue from Forge and Envoyer.