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Hi Taylor, thanks for your time, and for the awesome work you do ! Where did the idea to create Lumen as an alternative to Laravel came from ? Don't you think most of the modern Frameworks should do the same and propose in the same time more light and "toolbox-like" framework like this ?

I am thinking of Angular, which is becoming way to overloaded nowadays, and will push you to use Frameworks like Backbone more for example.

Thanks a lot !

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I got the idea for Lumen when I was developing Envoyer. I had to write a micro service using Slim and while I think Slim is really cool, I wanted to just drop something in with Laravel's database abstraction layer, better error handling, etc.

So, I coded Lumen to give a Laravel flavored Slim with a few more packages out of the box like validation, database, etc. that are almost always needed even on micro services.