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I am Taylor Otwell. Ask me anything.

Web Developer. Created Laravel, Forge, Envoyer, and more.

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Hi Taylor!

How do you see Laravel in 5 years?

I hope we can continue to simplify developer's lives and make coding even more enjoyable!

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Enum fields are a pain in Laravel. Is it possible that we can soon validate against the values of an enum? Something like 'required|in_enum' would be great.

Another thing that is much needed is to populate a select tag with the values of an enum field. By the way, I use a lot of collective.

In migrations, modifying a table with enum fields gives a lot of trouble and I think that is essential

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Can we ever expect to get some "under the hood" for Forge and Envoyer (structure, code snippets, etc...)? It would be great to further know how the creator creates using his own creation.

According to you, among the folks at the Laravel community, who do you think the Rocket League god is? And,

What in the sweet universe does the word "Laravel" mean?

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Haha, thanks for the answers.

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Will we see tailwindcss and laravel together instead of bootstrap css?

It's possible, but Bootstrap still has a lot of mind-share and familiarity with developers. But, maybe one day it will be an option :)

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Async those days became very popular because of Node.js and there is now ReactPHP. Do you plan to use async in php and maybe make a socket server integrated with Laravel in PHP itself?

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