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Hey Todd. What are some of the habits you think have helped you tremendously to become a better developer? Was it a few big things or a combination of small ones? Thanks

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Founder, Ultimate Angular.

I think sleeping about 3-5 hours a night for the first few years helped learn things fast, well and enabled me to jump a few jobs to higher up positions quite fast. Not that I recommend staying up til 6am everynight... Just Monday-Saturday ;)... Sleep is important, and knowing when to switch off is also important. And you don't need to lose sleep to get better at something. A few hours dedicated to something a day goes a very long way. Some days I don't even code of an evening, but sit reading source code, documentation and stack overflow posts to compose ideas/images in my head of what the tools I'm using do - and how I can use them in more powerful ways. I've learned that you can't paint the Mona Lisa in a day, even though sometimes we think we can xD take it slow, steady and one step at a time. Just be persistent, reach out to others that you trust and can help you! A great circle of friends/contacts is really valuable.

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