I am Tracy Lee, RxJS Core Team Member & Co-Founder of This Dot Labs & Media. Ask me anything!

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How is This Dot different from other service providers on the web? What's your main USP?

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Co-Founder This Dot Labs

We work with the best of the best, and have higher standards of what qualifies as a 'senior' developer.

We consist of people who believe in open source and who are writing the technologies most developer use.

We have a wide variety of developers, from the top to mid level developers available.

We believe in educating your team in how to do things right, and leaving you better off than when you started working with us.

We believe in creating inclusive architectures that are more sustainable for your applications in the long run and easier for all (PMs, designers, juniors) to contribute to.

We are women owned and run - which means that when you hire us, you are always helping women in tech succeeed.

When you hire us, you are funding the apprentice program, which helps women in tech get their first job.