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Tylor is the creator of TylerMcGinnis.com, a portal for linear, course-based approach to learning web technologies. He is a Google Developer Expert and Former Director at DevMountain. He has also designed React Nanodegree course at Udacity.

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Linda Campbell's photo

Hi Tyler, Thanks for the AMA. Do you think React Native is worth learning in 2018? I have read articles that state there aren't many advantages of using the same codebase for both Android and iOS apps.

2nd Q: Why shouldn't one learn Swift and Android to build apps in 2018? πŸ™‚

Tyler McGinnis's photo

Hi Linda!

Q1: Absolutely. Before I went full time on my own stuff I worked at a really small startup building a React Native app. Being able to re-use 90% of the code between platforms was a huge competitive advantage for a startup strapped for resources. What's interesting is I believe most of the React Native development that's happening right now is by the Expo team and the stuff they're pushing out is pretty incredible and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

Q2: I have a really close friend who worked at Apple for a bit and now works as the Director of Education for a really popular developer bootcamp. He's a Swift developer but is convinced React Native is the future. It's not really that you shouldn't learn Swift or Java (because learning is always a net positive), but if you just want to build an app, it's just unnecessary.

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What was your range of income in USD for 2017?

Tyler McGinnis's photo

~$300k. The majority of that comes from other investments and not my courses.

Kashish Grover's photo

Hey Tyler, thank you so much for the AMA!

  1. What's your favourite JavaScript Test Framework and why?
  2. What are your top 5 libraries for building using React Native?
  3. How was your journey to where you are today as a developer and an educator?
  4. I see some stickers on your laptop. Can you share a full photo?

Cheers. πŸ˜„

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Tinkerer πŸ”§ Member of Technical Staff @ThoughtSpot πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Drummer πŸ₯

Thank you so much for your responses. πŸ˜„

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How did you get started with React?

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Hey Romario! Good to see you over here. I have a principle that I live by and that is find people who are smarter than you and copy what they do. In 2014 a lot of the developers I looked up to kept talking about React and how great it was. At the time I was doing a bunch of NG stuff but decided to make a hard pivot and focus entirely on React. It worked out pretty well.

For the record, a bunch of those developers are now starting to talk about ReasonML...

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I Want to build web apps do I really need to know react can I get by with other technologies such as html css python and just enough JavaScript?

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Definitely. In fact, I think the tribes we create in our community have a net negative effect. If you're happy with what you know and the apps you're building, cool. With that said, I believe progression is a fundamental aspect of human happiness and there's a big risk both to your career and the apps you build if you settle with what you already know. Never feel pressured to learn the cool new thing, but also don't encourage those who are building the future.