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Tylor is the creator of TylerMcGinnis.com, a portal for linear, course-based approach to learning web technologies. He is a Google Developer Expert and Former Director at DevMountain. He has also designed React Nanodegree course at Udacity.

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Joy Dasgupta's photo

What are the few takeaways after teaching programmers for so many years? 🙂

Tyler McGinnis's photo

What a fantastic question. I actually gave a talk on this a few years ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTCuTOgp3tg.

This is one question I could take a few days and really dive into an answer - but I'm just going to wing it :)

The first is that, no matter how much people love your courses, you'll have gatekeepers. People who think you should only be able to teach something if no one has taught that thing before or you're already an expert in it. I've been doing this for so long now that I do a pretty good job at ignoring these people but it makes me sad that people new to teaching might take their words to heart.

Second, beginners are way too hard on themselves. Programming is hard. React is hard. JavaScript is hard. It's all hard. Everyone thinks this is all a big race. The problem is there is no finish line. What takes one developer a day to pick up might take another 2 weeks. On a timeline where the end is when we die, everyone can win if they're persistent.

Third, you can never create the perfect resource/blog/course that works for everyone. The goal is always to create as wide of net as possible and provide support for those who still land outside your cast.

I'm sure there are more but that's all I got right now. Thanks for the great, thought provoking question!

Sasivarnan R's photo

What would be your advice for a person who wants to talk in Tech conferences if he is entering into coding today?

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You're going to get rejected, like a lot. That's normal. For every 30 conferences I apply to, I get accepted to maybe 1 or 2. Those odds are going to be worse for someone just starting out. The good news is there are hundreds of conferences out there. If you have a proposal you really like, treat it as a numbers game and blast it everywhere.

Akash Patel's photo

Hello Tyler,

Many thanks for making this AMA. Two questions:

Q1 - What type of recording equipment do you use for the react videos on your site?

Q2 - How do you host your videos? Some course website online, or one you made? If course website online, please let me know which one. If one you made, then how did you make it and what technologies did you use?


Tyler McGinnis's photo

You're very welcome.

1) For my courses (and soon the Podcast) I use the HEIL PR40 mic. It's a little pricey but it's fantastic. That connects to a Tascam US-2x2 USB Audio Interface. I use Screenflow for my screencasting stuff and Final Cut Pro X for my headshot stuff.

2) I use teachable.com (which is fantastic if you're wanting to create your own courses) and they handle pretty much everything I don't care to think about. Video hosting, user management, etc etc. All of my courses right now are on https://tylermcginnis.com/courses. You can find some free stuff on my blog at https://tylermcginnis.com/blog.

Alwy's photo

Hi Tyler, big fan of your courses. Just switched from monthly sub to yearly sub!

My questions are:

  1. Are you going to have courses outside of the React ecosystem and if so, what are they?
  2. What's your go-to stack for production quality web-apps?

Cheers :D

Tyler McGinnis's photo


First, thank you very much for the support. It truly means a lot to me.

  1. Yes. Assuming unlimited time and resources, I'd have some courses on Vue, Reason, and more beginner focused JS stuff. The problem is the time part :) My biggest focus right now is the new Redux course (2-3 weeks out) and the Universal React course. Once those are out, I'll sit down and decide what's coming next (most likely one I mentioned above).

2) React and Firebase. Redux if it's needed.

Vlad Maxymenko's photo

What do you think about REST API and GraphQL existence? Isn't the latter gonna replace the former?

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I wish I was more educated on this topic but unfortunately I'm not. As I mentioned in a previous question, I try to only give my opinion when it's an educated one and with this topic, it's not. Definitely have GraphQL/Apollo on my "to learn" list this year though.