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I am Wes Bos. Ask me anything.

Wes Bos is a fullstack developer and educator from Hamilton, Canada. Wes loves to break down complex topics into short, tasty, little tutorials. He has contributed to Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks and NetMag as well as released Learn Redux, React For Beginners, Sublime Text Power User and Command Line Power User.

This is a great opportunity to interact with Wes and have his unique insights on React, Redux, JavaScript, NodeJS and other technologies/topics.

Take a look at his work, read his blog or get in touch!

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How long does it take you to prepare yourself for conference talks? Just looking at your well-designed slides, I can tell I envy you ;-)

The same for your screencasts. for example, looks great, and it's free. That's why I bought only to show you my deep respect - and of course, because I couldn't spot a donation button on ;-)​

I have a pretty relaxed teaching and speaking style. Since I teach twice a week, I'm pretty comfortable doing a talk without having a ton of prep. So, because of that I spend significantly less time working on my talks and practicing than most people.

I'd say it takes me 8-15 hours to prep for a ~45 min talk. I usually take a month before the talk to mull around ideas and then take a day or two to create the slides with my major ideas. From the slides I can wing it with what I'm going to sasy.

Glad you enjoyed the courses - I don't expect donations for any of my free stuff because there is a lot of reciprocity when I release a paid one - just like yourself!

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How do you prepare for a video series ? Which tools do you use to prepare your video series ? How much time do you spend weekly on producing video content ?

By the way your videos are extremely informative.

Glad you are enjoying the videos!

Most of the time in a Video series is in the prep - what to teach, what we will make, making sure the content follows best practices etc..

Each series is different - to give you an idea took ~40-50 hours. took 200 hours. took 100 hours.

I'm slowly transitioning myself off client work to work fulltime on teaching - that is through videos, books, in person at HackerYou and WorkShops

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Hey Wes! Just finished Learn Redux after already taking basically all of your other courses. They are absolutely blowing my mind every time! So thank you for that :)

I noticed you used Gulp with Browserify in the React for Beginners course and now Webpack in the Redux one. So I'm curious:

  1. What is your take on the pros/cons of Gulp/Browserify vs Webpack given that many people might already use Gulp or even Grunt?

  2. Is it worth switching to Webpack completely or just in specific cases?

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Hey Wes, thank you for the detailed answer! I guess I'll just keep using Gulp for now and check out Webpack in a side project to get my head around the differences.

Right now I just have to get hot reloading working with Gulp/Browserify cause the constant full page reload when changing one single thing is bugging me. But that should be possible to achieve.

Thanks again and rock on!

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I know this is gonna sound stupid but how did you learn React? I bet there was no "React For Beginners" at that time. :)

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Haha yes very slowly - I read a lot of blog posts, watched lots of youtube and asked tons and tons of questions in the React chat.

Usually the stuff I teach is totally learnable on your own, but by taking one of my courses, you can distill it down to once place and learn it much faster.

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Do you have any workflow tricks that specifically don't involve coding? In other words, what other apps on your computer help you? What habits are helpful in becoming a better coder or at least a coder with a better workflow? Do you use any physical tools, like a pad and pencil next to your computer? Do you listen to music while working? Stuff like that. (These are suggestions, you don't need to answer all the questions ;)

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"stop and fix it" Interesting take. I mostly have to fight to avoid doing just that, since I tend to lose control and "wake up" two hours later finding that I'm debugging a tool which had NOTHING to do with my original problem, but which is useful to fix a bug in another tool which might. I guess balance is difficult...

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