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I am Wes Bos. Ask me anything.


Hey, Wes! Nice to see you here. Thanks for hosting this AMA. It is clear that you invest a huge amount of time behind each one of your video tutorials, they come out so amazingly awesome. Sublime Text Power User is one of my favourite series.

I am curious to know about your recording setup. Could you go on in brief about all the software/hardware you use; and the sort of flow you approach when you go about recording your videos? Thanks, again! :)

Most of my tutorial series right now are done with a Audio Technica AT2020 microphone. The audio quality is okay, but not great.

I recently invested about $1,000 into a really good setup that cuts my audio editing time down to zero and makes the quality amazing.

TLDR it's a Heil PR40 running through a DBX286x which makes it have that boomy sound. If you want to know more, I talk about it here:

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