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How long does it take you to prepare yourself for conference talks? Just looking at your well-designed slides, I can tell I envy you ;-)

The same for your screencasts. flexbox.io for example, looks great, and it's free. That's why I bought reactforbeginners.com only to show you my deep respect - and of course, because I couldn't spot a donation button on flexbox.io ;-)​

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Full Stack Developer + Teacher

I have a pretty relaxed teaching and speaking style. Since I teach twice a week, I'm pretty comfortable doing a talk without having a ton of prep. So, because of that I spend significantly less time working on my talks and practicing than most people.

I'd say it takes me 8-15 hours to prep for a ~45 min talk. I usually take a month before the talk to mull around ideas and then take a day or two to create the slides with my major ideas. From the slides I can wing it with what I'm going to sasy.

Glad you enjoyed the courses - I don't expect donations for any of my free stuff because there is a lot of reciprocity when I release a paid one - just like yourself!