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I am Wes Bos. Ask me anything.


  1. Have you tried VueJS (you must have ;) )? What do you think about replacing ReactJS with VueJS (and Redux with Vuex)? No need to answer if you don't feel comfortable.

  2. Anything you'd like to share to improve my BBQ talents. Are you a natural or did you learn somewhere (those twitter pics looked exquisite)

Answering #2 first because I love BBQ.

It's funny that you ask about improving it because I'm learning BBQ the same way I learn to code. I watch a ton of videos on youtube, read a ton of recipes and read up on the core ideas behind bbq on Once I have a good idea of how things work, it's all about being hands-on for me. Just keep trying new things, referencing the documentation (recipe) when you need it and you'll pick it up pretty quickly!

  1. I've never tried it, but I've watched a bunch of tutorials and I see what all the hype is about - it seems really easy to build things with and the single-file approach is pretty interesting!

I think it's a nice option when looking at frameworks.

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