I just realized that I love programming and just started learning PHP. Any advice on what is the best way to learn and become a backend developer?

BTW I signed up for "principles of software development" course. It starts next week.

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I recommend you to take a look at Refactoring, and Sourcemaking

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I think Jeffrey Way can be a great source of information, you can follow his screencasts for $10 a month on laracasts.com. There are a lot towards the framework Laravel, but there are also more basic PHP courses and OOP courses.

Look for example here, this is actually a free course, so maybe you will be just fine with the freebies for a while :-)


+1 for Laracasts. @jeffreyway is an incredible teacher. I've learned more about PHP since joining Laracasts a year ago than the previous 10 years learning PHP on my own. Well worth it.

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