I turned my side-project into a startup. I'm Ido Shamun, AMA!

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I'm curious about the monetization.

It seems like a cool project, but not easy to find substantial streams of revenue. Curious how you're doing it!

Having 40k users is an awesome accomplishment and probably 39.997 than most projects. But is it already enough for profitability, or how many do you expect to need?

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Hey Mark,

Glad to have your here ☺️ You are most definitely right, monetization is super hard. Our main revenue stream is ads and it's going pretty neat. Our revenue is high enough to cover all the IT costs, marketing, community gigs, and some pocket money. It's not enough to make our livings, but it's ok for now. We've turned down an investment because we would like to navigate this product by ourselves at the moment.

We believe that once we achieve a critical mass of users we will be more attractive for advertisers and can convert more users to the premium subscriptions.