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Hi Angie, I love how you represent the underrepresented community in tech and I'm happy for all your successes.

I'm one of the underrepresented ones and from a developing country coupled with the fact that I'm 17.

In what ways do you think I can maximize my chances of getting good internships to grow and connect?

(I'm learning Javascript)

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Senior Developer Advocate

If in school, reach out to the Career Center and express interest in obtaining internships.

With COVID-19, it may be hard to get internships and apprenticeships right now. A good way to gain experience from home would be to contribute to open source projects. Not like one typo issue, but really become a part of the project.

Check out the responses to this tweet to find beginner-friendly OS projects to contribute to:

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Tech enthusiast and student programmer

Thank you. I've gotten to know about selfDefined dictionary through the linked tweet. Angie Jones

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