I'm John Lindquist. Joel Hooks and I started egghead.io. AMA!

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Hey John Lindquist

Thanks for the AMA!

  1. What sort of challenges you have faced on making Egghead.io a thriving business and what steps did you follow to overcome them?

  2. I see you are using Foam for your automatoes.com website. I love the Foam community. Do you have any resources you followed to publish your foam repository using Gatsby?

  3. If you had to become an inanimate object for a year, what object would it be?

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Hi Corey, thanks for the thoughtful questions:

  1. I deal mostly with the "Instructor" side of things for egghead, so I'll touch on that. Our instructors have full-time jobs and personal lives. They're very busy. We help a lot of people get started on the instructor side of things, but then their lives get busy and we often lose contact with them. We've sunk a lot of time and effort into lessons that never happened.

We overcome this with patience and following-up. Sometimes years later. Instructors have always been grateful for our follow-ups.

  1. I just used the Foam Gatsby Starter :D. I'm seriously considering moving to Next.js though as we're rebuilding egghead with Next.js and I'm absolutely loving it.

  2. My wife's wedding ring.