I'm just curious... What are your MBTIs?

Hello everyone! I have recently taken the MBTI (Myers-Brigg Type Indicator) Personality test and it was quite fascinating to read about some of the analysis about my personality. I was relieved that my personality was well-suited for a developer!

It made me wonder about what could be the most prominent personality type for people in this industry. Is there a pattern or a trend that attracts certain people with certain personality traits to want to work in this industry? What are the most common traits then?

So please, to satisfy my curiosity, and FOR SCIENCE, can you spare 3 minutes to do the test on https://www.16personalities.com/?


After you get your results, if you don't mind, please let me know in the comments below~ Thank you in advance!

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My result is... Any fellow INTJs?


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Any INTPs?