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Hi Kent! What advice would you give to improve the quality of blogs? Any advice in choosing the topics to write about, the structure of the article, or how to make it easier for beginners.

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Hi Mohd,

Structure and making it easy for beginners is the kind of thing that comes with lots of practice. When I was starting out, the ideas I got for blog posts came from things I was learning every week. Everyone learns something new each week. Write about that. Or sometimes I write about something I want to learn (Super Simple Start to ESModules in the Browser is an example of this). Over time, I get people asking me questions about things and when I get asked the same question over and over, I write a blog post about it so I don't have to repeat myself. Having an AMA on GitHub is another helpful way for me to get inspiration and keep track of ideas.

Another thing you might find useful (with regard to helping make it easier for beginners): How I Teach

With all of this, the real success comes with consistency. And don't be afraid of publishing something that's not perfect. You can change it later. Just get that content out there! Good luck!