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Hey Kent! Much appreciation for everything you've done for the community. I love your testing course. With regards to creating tutorials, what's your advice for

1) identifying the concepts people struggle to understand the most (without a big following yet),

2) creating the most effective way to explain the concept, and

3) exploring business models to facilitate being a full time educator like yourself?

Bonus question: I'm more interested in teaching people than actually writing code for a company, but I feel like I need to "do my time" in order to establish credibility and know what I'm talking about. What's your advice here? :)

Thanks again! Josh

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Hi Joshua,

1) StackOverflow can help. Also, take a look at what people are asking others who do have a big following. You can search for mentions of that user and you'll find questions. Add a "?" to the search. Like this: twitter.com/search?q=to%3Akentcdodds%20%3F&..

2) This is something that comes with practice, but maybe this post will help How I Teach

3) I never really explored business models to be honest 馃槵 I know it's not very helpful, but egghead just kinda fell into my lap. You can read more about that story from my 2010s decade in review.

I wouldn't see working in industry as a "do my time" proposition. It's an incredibly great and very important learning experience. You can't pretend to teach people how to build production applications if you've never done that yourself. When you're a teacher you actually spend most of your time learning. You become a professional learner and you'll really need that time you've spend learning what it's like to build and ship production applications in the real world. Eventually I plan to build and ship something again to re-vamp my skills and stay sharp.

Good luck!

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Kent C. Dodds

Awesome! Thanks for the elaborate response!