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At this point I'll take any functioning + sane adult in the Whitehouse, but if I had to pick today I would probably go with Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. I find it interesting that you've so outspokenly endorsed Yang, who seems like such a fringe candidate to me. So, what's your pitch for Andrew Yang? What differentiates him from other candidates in ways that makes him a better pick, in your opinion?

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Andrew Yang really seems to be speaking to the problems that I feel like the country is facing and the solutions he's presenting seem to me like they would actually work. He always backs his claims with data and studies. I also really like his attitude against the general vindictive and animosity we feel in the country across party lines. He seems like he genuinely wants to solve the problems and the solutions he presents make sense.

Also, I honestly feel like he's the only candidate that can beat Trump. Nobody else is pulling support from republicans and independents like we'll need to defeat Trump. If someone else gets the nomination, then I'll be very concerned about the general election. If Yang gets it, I'll feel very confident that he can win the whole thing.

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Oh, and he's the one who's really thinking about the impact of technology on our future. I don't think anyone else really understands what's coming like he does. The fact that he's thinking about that and has a plan to address it is comforting to me. I don't think he has everything 100% right, but I think he's most prepared to monitor the right signals and make the right adjustments during his 8 years in the white house.