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Hi Nader, thanks for the AMA. What is your favorite way of deploying serverless applications and what do you think about the future of serverless applications, do you think it is ready to be applied in enterprise application use-cases?

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I think that "cloud computing" and even "computing" in general is moving more and more in a "serverless" direction. When I say "serverless", what I really mean is pay per compute and no need to manage your own infrastructure. This is very similar to what you've seen over the course of history and in many other areas of technological innovation.

Think about electricity. In the past, like long ago, you would have to buy and maintain your own power plant or generator in order to have power. Now, we just flip a switch and pay for the power we use and the electric company does the heavy lifting and dealing with the infrastructure behind it. This makes sense.

In the computing world, the real reason for all of the servers and infrastructure is because at the end of the day we want to build apps and create value. We really just want to write code and make our customers happy / create value. The serverless paradigm enables us to do this.

Academic research as well as many people working in the field with large companies and startups building new applications intended to scale will also attest to this.

What is my favorite way of deploying serverless? I see so many awesome options out there!

One thing you'll notice about some people who are in this space is that they'll just push their own thing and try to not acknowledge other tech / gatekeep people from trying other new things. In reality, tools and services like Begin, Zeit, Netlify, Azure, AWS / Amplify, Firebase / Google and others are all really great and serve their purposes really well, plus they are all getting better and better. You should check these as well as other tech out and see what works best for you.

Right now, my favorite ways of building serverless applications, ones that will scale to enterprise level if you need them to, are serverless framework and really anything on AWS. This is mainly because there is a long track record there and massive companies with even more massive workloads have years of success at this point so it's a tried and true tech vs something that's new and has not seen true scale.

Disclaimer: I work at AWS so I definitely have some bias, but I work at AWS for a reason!