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Hi Nader, what led you to build JamStack CMS? What was the inspiration and thought for building it?

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Hey Syed, thanks for the question and allowing me to plug JAMstack CMS and now JAMstack ECommerce!

One of the things I see happening in the future is the "containerization" of full stack applications for reuse. JAMstack CMS is one of the examples I've released demonstrating it. The idea is that there are a bunch of different types of apps that are very popular yet people pay massive amounts of money to rebuild them over and over. Think about things like e commerce sites, blogs, conference apps, marketing sites, even some dating and social media platforms. What if you could start, somewhere, with 90% of the work done and have it deployed to a service that would scale if you did hit a few million users or more?

I saw this a lot as a consultant. With projects like JAMstack CMS, that contain both the front end code as well as the back end infrastructure as code, you can deploy a full stack scalable application in just a few minutes. This is extremely powerful.

The lack of abstractions that made this impossible in the past are no longer lacking, we have them now.

When you think of how infrastructure and computing has worked in the past, building and replicating full stack applications for reuse across multiple teams and industries was really hard. This was because every environment was different and there is so much complexity when building out individual services and functionality like real-world authentication and authorization, APIs, Databases, image storage, etc...

With infrastructure as code, you can essentially prototype the way you want the back end to look by just writing some code.

You then take this idea and pair it with all of the starter projects we see on the front end and what you have is a new paradigm .